The research location Davos has a more than 100 yers old tradition. During this time, research institutions with a worldwide reputation have evolved, contributing essential insights for their specific disciplines. Read more...


With a population of about 13,000, Davos is a rather small city. However, it has succeeded in containing and expanding its attractiveness. But where is the journey heading? Where are the biggest opportunities of the Landwasser Valley in the future? Read more...

Davos: studying, working and living in the highest-altitude city in Europe


This is how citizens, authorities and guests see their Davos in the future: An open-minded alpine metropolis with a unique character. A sustainably design space for living and business. The population is slightly growing. Urban and rural landscape at the same time, this is the unique selling proposition of Davos. Clearly limited on Davos Dorf and Davos Platz, a city with a vehicle-free Promenade and various green areas. Just next door, there is the Lake Davos, surrounded by a carefully developed landscape, a heritage of the settlement of the Walsers in the middle of a scenic alpine environment.


The local population finds everything what they need for their daily life in Davos. Also affordable space of living and appropriate jobs. It is not only the tourism, but also congresses, education, research, medicine, agriculture and business bringing economic benefits. Everybody feels as a part of the "Entreprise Davos" and engages in making our guests feel welcome.


What is the formula for success for Davos? It is the focus on quality, also quality of life. It is the everyday engagement in combining tradition with the present and the future. And the cooperation beyond borders, on all levels.

Images: Michael Straub (www.michael-straub.ch)