New horizons with the "Spirit of Davos"

In addition to hard factors such as competitive taxes, the close research, development and education institutions and the availability of development areas or highly qualified people, there are a lot of soft factors promoting Davos. Examples are the following:

  • a high quality of life
  • an extraordinay regional leisure and culture offer
  • the medical care on a local basis
  • the willingness to cooperate of the authorities
  • the innovative environment with short decision paths
  • the internationally oriented education institutes

With the support of the Regional Management, the authorities and the engagement of the Science City Davos with a globally unique network, the framework for local organizations, shall be fostered also for start-ups and spin-offs.

If existing or new companies can set-up successfully in a competitive market, further jobs are created. This results in more employees and their families residing to Davos. It is expected that these families are also enjoying the well-established education institutes in Davos.

As a chain reaction, the younger generation for the research instutes is developed. This again results in sustainable economic growth.

Institutes and Organizations

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AO Innovation Translation Center (AO ITC)

The AO Innovation Translation Center (AO ITC) takes innovation to the next level. Innovation translation at the AO encompasses the conception, strategic evaluation, and development of clinical solutions in collaboration with industrial partners. It includes proof-of-concept work with innovators, valorization of new technologies and techniques, and clinical evidence creation through clinical research to prove the added value of new solutions. At the center of all innovation is the AO's global network of surgeons and other health care providers who contribute ideas and expert guidance at all stages of development. Throughout the process, the AO ITC provides the expertise and resources to cultivate an environment where innovative ideas are translated into clinical solutions that improve patient outcomes and address the needs of modern health care in a rapidly evolving environment.

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Regional Management Region Praettigau Davos

Regional Management is one of the most important activities of the region Prättigau/Davos. The regional manager has an office in Davos and Klosters. His goal is to support and create an economic Environment favorable for the region's development. The regional management is based on the "Agenda 2030", a broadly supported strategy for regional development that was implemented by the Conference of Presidents. It also consists of a list of measures and projects being reviewed and adapted each year.


Annual report 2020

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Economic Development and Tourism Agency of the Canton of Grisons

The main aim of the Economic Development and Tourism Agency of the Canton Grisons is to optimize the framework conditions in the fields of business, living environment and tourism. Our goal is to make use of promising potential to safeguard work places and to strengthen the economy of the Grisons. The most important topics in this task area are industrial location marketing as well as development of tourism and regional policies.


Annual report 2019

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SME Center Grisons

The SME Center Grisons is the contact point for small and medium-sized enterprises in the Canton of Grisons. We support and consult SME in the canton about business-related issues in the fields of strat-ups, innovation and internationalization. You benefit from advisory services and our broad network from science to economy and education. As an essential link between the University of Applied Sciences and the regional economy, the SME Center supports a practical, goal-oriented knowledge transfer.