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Academia Raetica


Research and science are developing into an important pillar of the economy in Graubünden. Therefore, they strengthen innovation and the social development of the alpine canton. Academia Raetica is the association of scientifically active institutions and university teaching in the canton of Graubünden. It was founded in 2006 and represents over twenty member organizations. These include research institutes, universities and clinics. Some of them have been conducting research for over 100 years. With the integration of the Graduate School Graubünden, founded in 2014, into the Academia Raetica at the beginning of January 2021, the Academia Raetica received a clearer structure. The unified appearance under one name strengthens its effectiveness.  

The Academia Raetica fosters the continuing education, work and development of scientists. For this purpose, it receives a performance mandate with a global contribution from the Canton of Graubünden. It strives to create ideal conditions for researchers so that they can achieve excellent performance and find personal fulfilment in their work. Academia Raetica supports its members in networking and collaboration, with each other as well as with research institutions outside the canton. It communicates with cantonal offices as well as industry partners and promotes dialogue between the disciplines. It also informs the public and policy makers about the social and economic importance of research in the canton. It supports the government in implementing its higher education, research and innovation strategies.


Annual report 2020

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Davos Society of Natural sciences
Naturforschende Gesellschaft Davos (NGD)


The establishment of the NGD was in 1916. The aim of NGD is the promotion of the studies in different fields of natural sciences and to explore the Davos region from a scientific point of view. The NGD strengthens the dialogue between science and the population and networks the scientists of the various research institutes and educational institutions. NGD is a member of the Platform Sciences and Regions of the Swiss Academy of Sciences (The platform supports, promotes and coordinates the work of regional societies).