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Davos, the highest city in the Alps, has long since made a name for itself as a centre of knowledge. In specialist circles, the Davos brand owes its international renown and innovative aura in part to the established research institutes in the Landwasser Valley. 

The research companies based in the Davos landscape are recognised as top international institutes with a great reputation and important contracts from all over the world. 

The research and educational institutions represent an important pillar in the economic foundation of the Davos landscape, which goes far beyond its function as an image bearer. Davos builds on future generations and trains them locally. This not only strengthens the established institutes such as the vocational school, the Swiss Alpine Secondary School, the sports high school and the graduate school. This claim is also intended to prevent the current exodus. A location factor is being created to attract highly qualified workers and their families to Davos. 

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