Events 2024

Experience the city of knowledge Davos up close!

Researchers Beer

Relaxed conversations about research and leisure in German or English. The Davos research institutes ARI, CK-CARE, PMOD, SIAF and SLF employ more than 300 researchers - in addition, there are many more locals and guests interested in research who populate the "city of knowledge".
Academia Raetica and Kulturplatz Davos are launching the "Researchers Beer" on the first Tuesday of every month from 18:30 to 19:30 to get people talking to each other. The event is open to researchers of all ages and other people interested in research. 

At least 1 "special guest" is invited, who talks about his/her life as a researcher at the beginning. "Special guests" can be experienced researchers, institute directors or young researchers. At the beginning of the evening, the "special guest" talks about their research life for 15-20 minutes and answers questions from those present. The focus is on free storytelling. 
The regular event in the Kulturplatz begins at 8.00 pm. For cinema screenings, Kulturplatz ensures that an English-language or subtitled film is shown.
There is no "Researchers Beer" in the months of July, August and January.